The tooling stage of the plastic injection moulding process is one of our key areas of expertise. We believe the design of the injection mould tool is essential to the success of the overall plastic moulding project.

LEK SUN Manufacturing Sdn Bhd’s tooling services include complete "in house" mould design, fabrication, assembly, maintenance and repair. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers can produce both prototype and production tools.

Using advanced CAD and the latest technology, our engineers take great pride in their ability to fulfill all clients' requirements. We manufacture quality plastic injection moulds in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from simple parts to complex designs and challenging geometry.

Incorporating the use of NX10 Unigraphics, a comprehensive design solution, and AUTODESK MOLDFLOW synergy simulation software, our engineering team has the ability to provide additional predictive insight into component design in the early stages, reducing overall time to market by compressing the new product development cycle.

Our tool maintenance programme then uses service interval levels, based either, on the frequency of the production runs, or on the number of shots made. We aim to ensure quality remains high throughout the lifetime of the tools.