At LEK SUN Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., we consistently upgrade our equipment and machinery in order to keep abreast of modern technology and to maintain our competitive advantage.

Tooling Machinery:

  • 30+ units of Tooling Machinery including CNC, EDM, Wire Cut, Grinding, Milling, Laser Welding and Super Drill machines
  • Machine brands include Akira Seiki, Chevalier, Eco Laser, Makino, Manford, Max See, Mitsubishi, Okamoto, Shizuoka,Wele and Willmax

Plastic Injection Moulding Machinery:

  • 45+ units of Plastic Injection Moulding Machinery including 2k "double shot" injection technology
  • Machine Tonnage range from 30T to 1300T
  • Machine brands include JSW, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo and Toyo

Metal Stamping Machinery:

  • 41 units of Metal Stamping Machinery
  • Machine brands include Aida, Chin Fong, Li Chin, Komatsu and Shih Yeoh

QA Measurement Machinery:

  • A comprehensive list of Measuring Equipment including CMMs, Non Contact Smart Scopes, 3D Scanner, Temperature & Humidity Chamber, Annealing Oven, Light Measurement Systems, Moisture Analysers, Height and Push Pull Gauges, Spectrophotometers, Melt Flow Index Extrusion Plastometers, Vacuum Ovens, Pin Gauge Sets etc.

Secondary Process Machinery:

  • A comprehensive list of Secondary Process and Supporting Equipment including a 2D Laser Engraving Machine, Ultrasonic Welding Machines, Heat Staking Machines, Tapping Machines, Pad Printing Machines (Semi Auto and Full Auto), Dry Ice Machine etc.